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2021 Virtual Planning Challenges Seminar Series

Presenting a summer seminar series highlighting the unique challenges faced by Florida communities in 2020 and beyond. This year’s virtual PBCPC Planning Challenges will feature seven (7) lunch and learn virtual sessions. Registration for the series is $35 and includes a membership to the PBC Planning Congress through the end of 2021. Students are free! Individual zoom links will be emailed to registrants a week prior to each seminar session.
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June 18th – Overcoming Inequities in Planning & the Community
    Session Flyer – Video Coming Soon!

June 25th – Combating the effects of COVID – How Planners Cope, Function & Thrive in the New Norm
    Session Flyer – Video Coming Soon!

July 9th – Housing Equity & COVID-driven Redesign
    Session Flyer    –    VIDEO

July 16th – Resiliency, Restaurants, & Retail
    Session Flyer    –    VIDEO

July 23rd – Providing & Creating Health Equity in our Communities
    Session Flyer    –    VIDEO

July 30th – Trends in Development & the Great Game-Changer Called COVID
    Session Flyer    –    VIDEO

August 27 – Reimagining Public Engagement – Strategies for Community Input
    Session Flyer – Video Coming Soon!

*Stay Tuned* – Bonus Legal Session and “Round 2” Development Trends (a follow-up session to the July 30th session) are being planned with dates anticipated in the next month.

Sponsors for the 2021 Virtual Planning Challenges Seminar Series include:

2021 Virtual Planning Challenges Seminar Series Sponsors

2021 Virtual Planning Challenges Seminar Series Sponsors


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