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The Palm Beach County Planning Congress, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary organization, originally chartered in 1975, that is composed of professionals actively involved and interested in the responsible growth and development of Palm Beach County and the surrounding region. Membership in The Palm Beach County Planning Congress, Inc. includes public and private sector professionals in the fields of urban planning, water resources, transportation, education, local, regional and state planning, architecture, growth management and environmental law, engineering, landscape architecture, real estate, health and human services, and other related fields.  We work closely with the American Planning Association/American Institute of Certified Planners and other professional organizations to ensure that our education sessions qualify for certification and continuing education credits.

The goals and objectives of The Palm Beach County Planning Congress, Inc. are:

  • To provide a forum for discussion and professional interaction;
  • To provide for the development of new concepts, the exchange of ideas, and the dissemination of planning information;
  • To develop policy positions on vital matters affecting the quality of life in Palm Beach County; and
  • To encourage growth management practices within Palm Beach County that will enhance its social, physical and economic development.

The Palm Beach County Planning Congress, Inc. meets on a regular monthly basis and features a variety of topics that are both current and of interest to our members. Meeting formats vary and include presentations, panel discussions, field trips, tours, and/or a combination of formats depending on the topic. See below for a sampling of past programs.

The Palm Beach County Planning Congress, Inc. also has a designated member on the Palm Beach County Land Development Regulation Advisory Board (formerly known as the Citizens Task Force) that allows us to provide direct input into the County’s Unified Land Development Code revision process.